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It's Time To Revive, Strive & Thrive in the Rest Of 2020 & Beyond!
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It wasn’t long ago that none of us would have imagined a year where masks were mandatory, schools were shut down and corporations everywhere had locked their doors. In a very short period of time, the world we knew changed and a different reality set in, one that scared many.

Most people were shook out of their comfortable routines and left to wonder what was going to happen to the people they love, their jobs, the economy, and their own future. I wonder if you fell into a cycle of fear and anxiety as you came face-to-face with your changing world?

How did you show up in the face of adversity?
What made you different from the women that seemed to hand it in stride?

The truth is that life is going to continue to happen... but who you are in the FACE of it is everything

They had skills to support themselves with mindset mastery and emotional mastery… two key skills to being able to not only survive, but thrive in any situation.

Join us for the “One Thought Away" Challenge for Women on November 16th-20th.

As we close 2020 and gear up for the New Year, some women will come out the other side of this year stronger than ever. Others will allow themselves to fall victim to struggle, pessimism, procrastination, perfectionism, and holding themselves back.
If you want to be a confident woman who is at peace with herself and skillful at stepping into her potential at all times, then we must shift your focus to your inner personal development work.  

Take a moment to look around you. How is it that some women still seem to be thriving, even though they were subject to all the craziness of 2020, just like you? It’s because they know a few things that you don't or perhaps you do know, but you aren’t implementing. Big results demand big action, so what results do you want to have in your life?

Feeling on track with yourself and your life doesn’t include…

  • Putting everyone else’s needs before your own (including your kids)
  • Allowing your self care to be something you fit in, if you have time
  • Risking your dreams until it “makes sense” to focus on them
  • ​Basing your self-worth on other’s approval of you and your decisions
  • ​Loving yourself only on the days that you excelled
  • ​Constantly creating negative stories in your head about who you are
During the “One Thought Away" Challenge for women, I will help you realize what’s been holding you back and identify what will take your life to the next level:

DAY 1: Raising Awareness To Your Current Reality

Without awareness of where you are currently operating from, it’s very hard to create different results. On Day 1 we will identify what’s working in your life now, what’s not working, how your thinking is tied to those results and small, easy shifts that can lead to very different results that you can get excited about.

DAY 2: Expanding What's Possible

Now that you have an idea of what is and isn’t working, we can start to expand your thinking on what’s possible for you and your life. This is where we focus on you dreaming again, connecting to what’s truly important to you, and connecting the dots on how this CAN be a possibility for you starting now.

DAY 3: Mastering Skills That Will Raise Your Success Rate

Now that you have an idea of what is and isn’t working, we can start to expand your thinking on what’s possible for you and your life. This is where we focus on you dreaming again, connecting to what’s truly important to you, and connecting the dots on how this CAN be a possibility for you starting now.

DAY 4: Lock In Your New Programming

By now new awarenesses have opened up for you and you are probably starting to feel pretty excited. You’re most likely starting to understand that the way you are thinking is heavily impacting your current results. What we will work on today is Rituals with your One Thought Away work so far, to lock in the new programming, so it's not a fleeting success.

DAY 5: Learn To Sustain Your Transformation

Such an exciting day with learning how to quickly shift your thinking, so you can take immediate action on getting improved results with your goals. We will also cover the power of tribe and how to create and leverage a forward focused community, so your dreams don’t fall through the cracks, and you streamline your process to your big dream life! 
5 Days of Connection and Support = A Positive Shift In The Trajectory Of Your Life
The Key Is To Take Action Now!

IMPORTANT: Please know that this challenge is not for everyone. If you are a woman that would rather believe nothing can change for you, that life has to always be a struggle and you don’t have what it takes to even try something new, I would pass on this golden opportunity.

This challenge is a call out to all women who are ready for more, are ready to do whatever it takes to create a better life for themselves, want to finally go for their dreams of health, wealth and love, and will dedicate 1-2 hours a day to their up-leveled life. If that’s you, you should jump at this chance while you can.  

This free event could change everything for you.  

It’s your time to dedicate a small amount of time for five days to let go of what’s not working for you and to see that an incredible life is within your reach. By showing up daily and being committed like crazy, you will gain access to a new level of mentorship, belief, faith and hope that will fuel you to take the steps required for you to be living your dreams.

Meet Your Coach

Hi there! I’m Kerry Tepedino and I am the Founder and CEO of the One Thought Away Project.

Over the past 20 years I have supported thousands of women transform their lives by first focusing on what they are thinking and feeling. I have seen relationships healed, true love found, incomes triple, health issues be turned around and legacies be built, because these women learned how to break their limiting thinking and realize their value and worth.  

For years my team and I have worked tirelessly one-on-one and in group settings to support women in creating lives that are meaningful, fun and full of what they truly desire… and it always starts with their inner work.  
The life I have today has not always been so fulfilling. I had a dark chapter of my life where I did not feel confident in who I was, did not like myself, struggled with an eating disorder, was 45 pounds overweight, did not feel safe in relationships, and was struggling financially to get by. 

I get what it’s like to feel stuck.

One hard night at my rock bottom, I decided that I had to make a decision… keep living like I was and slowly kill myself, or get up off my bathroom floor and change my life. Thank goodness, I somehow mustered the courage to turn my life around. 

Since my recovery, I have had the honor to help thousands of other women turn their lives and results around too, learning to love themselves, bringing their dreams into reality, and having lives bigger than they ever dreamed of. 

As a globally recognized personal development mentor and coach to women, speaker, and CEO and Founder of the One Thought Away Project, I’ve written for the Huffington Post, been featured on MSN, been faculty for The Shift Network, spoken on hundreds of stages and more.

I share this so you understand that these five days of training are based on strategies that have already been proven to work.
I have had this level of success personally and professionally because I had the insight to surround myself with strong mentors, be a part of a community I can rely on, and stayed willing to be coachable

I got the support I needed to get to the next level in my life with my health, wealth, love and legacy, and stopped holding myself back from raising my hand to get the proper support.

And now it’s your turn! This gets to be simple. For five days, set aside an hour or two to become very present to what you really want in your life and how to get it. This challenge is designed so you don’t ever look back on your life and have regrets.


The "One Thought Away" Challenge For Women

Our 5 Day Online Coaching Experience is designed for you to start believing in yourself NOW and get the proper tools and support to be able to revive in uncertain times and thrive in any situation in the rest of 2020 and beyond.

There are so many programs out there that can lead you down the wrong path. It's important for you to understand the following things:
  • Who do you want to be as a woman you respect in the world? 
  • What do you want your life to look like?
  • When to jump in and go for what you want?
  • ​Where to get the proper support and strategy?
  • How will you make it happen?
What Will The "One Thought Away" Challenge Do For Me?
  • Help you focus on shifting the way you are thinking, so you can accelerate your results.
  • Clear away busy distractions that are keeping you from making real progress towards goals that are important to you.
  • Provide examples of other women that have applied exactly what I will be teaching you and the incredible results they’ve created.
  • ​Lay out clear action steps, so you don’t wonder how to apply what you will learn.
  • Facilitate you having some fast wins that will reinforce your ability to change your life.
What's Included In The Challenge?
5 Days of Live Coaching From A Top Coach For Women Worldwide
($2,500 value)

I’m so excited for the journey we have ahead of us and to hold your hand throughout the process. Every day I will be doing a training that includes worksheets, as well as an explanation on how to do your daily homework. The challenge is something you will be applying in real time and will not overwhelm your schedule.
Being an active member of this challenge will allow you to recognize the options you have in transforming your life. I’m here to help you change the way you think, so you can get extraordinary results. 

One Thought Away Challenge For Women Downloadable Workbook
($250 value)

We are making this EASY for you by giving you worksheets that accompany the daily trainings, helping you stay out of overwhelm and making action taking simple.

1 Additional Group Coaching Call to Help You Create Your Dream Life Plan
($1500 value)

One of my superpowers is creating a safe container for women to do their deepest work. 

I will be available in this online session to help you get clarity on what’s really important to you, what’s been holding you back from it and why, plus how to attain it. 

Realtime Access to the One Thought Away Challenge For
Women Exclusive Facebook Group
($500 value)

One of the most valuable things you will get from this challenge is the community. You will meet women who could become lifelong friends, helping you revive, strive and thrive to your important goals.

During the challenge only: FREE!!!
November Challenge Schedule
  • Session 1 - Monday, November 16th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST 
  • Session 2 - Tuesday, November 17th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST
  • Session 3 - Wednesday, November 18th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST
  • ​​Session 4 - Thursday, November 19th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST
  • Session 5 - Friday, November 20th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST

Do these times not work for you? Not to worry! Go ahead and register because we will offer replays until the challenge ends.

During the challenge only: FREE!!!
Our Guarantee

Come play with me for FREE for 5 days. After you register, you will also see you can do an optional upgrade to amazing bonuses, including continued on-demand access to the replays, additional personalized coaching, as well as exclusive content.

Did the challenge not work for you? No problem, please feel free to keep the course workbook as a gift and acknowledgement in exchange for your time.

I completely believe in this work, so I’m willing to take on all the risk. I want you to be happy and satisfied.

What people say about working with Kerry
During the challenge only: FREE!!!

Why is this FREE?

Because I'm completely committed to over delivering so much value to you, earning your trust by supporting you (and thousands of other women), shifting your thinking and changing your life.

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